Michael Goring went to Farnham Art College for a foundation course and specialised in Film and Video. He went on to do an M.A in Film and Video production at Bournemouth University completing two short films.

He then spent some years as an Assistant Director on various Feature Films and Dramas, at one point even working personally for Guy Ritchie and Madonna. After some time and much experience in the world of commercials he began working as a cameraman with an HD camera, slowly building up his Showreel. 

Michael has filmed across the world, much of it in Africa for Storyville BBC but also in U.S.A, Yemen and Europe. He has filmed extensively for BBC iPlayer with Frank Skinner, The Comedy Channel, Sky Arts and many corporate clients;  ultimately for Apple, Google, Barclays, HSBC, Facebook, Aviva and many more. Any new client is always welcome however big or small.

Based near Camden, London he is available for any editing, camera or directing work. He has a C300 Camera, ALEXA PLUS and a 5Diii editing on FCPX.